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Ready to make the switch from fossil fuels and start powering your home with renewable, sustainable energy? Blaze Energy Austin can help! Our team of experienced professionals offer free consultations to take away all the worry – no more trying to decipher those electricity bills or stressing over which type of solar panel is right for you. We’ve got it covered, so why wait any longer? Join us in creating a brighter future today with Blaze Energy Austin.

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Austin Solar Company

Blaze Energy Austin is revolutionizing the way homeowners power their homes, with a commitment to providing incredible customer service and solar solutions that make it easier than ever for people to do their part for the planet. Through our services not only can customers save money by going green, but we also give them access to expert knowledge about solar technologies – ensuring they are well-equipped when making important decisions down the road. We strive hard every day so that all our customers have smart & sustainable homes – because at Blaze Energy Austin ‘customer first’ experience isn’t just something we say; it’s what motivates us!

Ranks 13th in total installed solar capacity

Austin is making a big impact when it comes to solar energy - the City of Austin ranks 13th in total installed solar capacity nationwide!

92.3 megawatts of solar capacity

Austin has made impressive strides in solar power, boasting an industry-leading 92.3 megawatts of collective capacity – the equivalent to 96 watts for every single person living there!

Blaze Energy Austin

Residential & Commercial Solar Company in Austin

Austin is known for its sunny days, so why not make the most of them by switching to solar energy? Solar power is clean and renewable, making it a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar panels also help take some of the load off local power grids, helping create a more sustainable future. With numerous benefits to reaping when going solar, now is the time to make your home part of the green movement. Blaze Energy Austin makes the process simple and easy; from answering questions about renewable energy technologies to helping you select the best option for your house and lifestyle, we will guide you every step of the way. Investing in solar energy today can benefit you and help make Austin an even sunnier place tomorrow!

Blaze Energy Austin is revolutionizing the home energy industry with our comprehensive solar panel system solutions. Our team of highly trained professionals ensures that all of our installations are safe and compliant, allowing our customers to make the switch to renewable energy with absolute peace of mind. We not only provide quality services, but also offer a forward-thinking approach to understanding our customer’s needs, providing each with an in-depth understanding of their system, so they can take control of their energy consumption. Going solar has never been simpler or more convenient – choose Blaze Energy Austin to get maximum efficiency and value from your renewable energy investment.

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At Blaze Energy Phoenix, we understand the effort it takes to go green. That’s why our team of experts take your individual needs into account when providing personalized advice for solar energy solutions. Experience smarter and more accessible environmental-friendly measures with us today!

Cleaner Air Quality

Solar power produces no emissions when generating electricity which makes it an incredibly clean source of energy. Traditional sources of electricity on the other hand often contribute to air pollution, which can be damaging to both human health and our environment.

Lower Electricity Costs

Investing in solar panels means that your home can generate free energy from the sun each day instead of relying on energy from the local utility company. This can reduce monthly electricity bills significantly, as you will be able to generate more than enough electricity for your needs.

Increased Independence From The Grid

Solar power means that your home or business will have a reliable source of energy even during times when the electrical grid is down. This can be especially important in Austin’s hot summer months. With solar panels installed, you won’t have to worry about blackouts or running out of power – no matter how hot it gets outside!
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